Help Us Grow And Spread The Word!

I understand that some individuals may consider it hypocritical and even an oxymoron for an organization titled “Moneyless Society” to ask for and accept donations but unfortunately this website still costs money and the creator of it (Matt Holten- myself) is still tied to the financial system. I pay for this site to be hosted by a professional hosting company with money out of my own pocket, that I make by working at a regular job, just like most of you reading it, and as of now I am not in the position or even interested in attempting to live a life completely free of money because I have a daughter whom I love very much and I support, and I will not forego my duty as a parent to provide for my child (nor will I test the consequences of not paying state-mandated child support payments, either, but this reason pales in comparison to the moral obligation I have as a parent and the love I possess for my child.)

So as of yet, as much as I would love to make this website and other related projects a full-time endeavor, they are still a side-note when compared with my full-time job. Hopefully I can find a means to change this so I can devote myself full-time to this cause instead, which is very much a love and passion of mine.

In any case, there are also issues such as the discussion forum having to be practically erased in its entirety because I could not pay anyone to moderate it and the hundreds of thousands of spam comments that ensued were more than my limited technical skills could combat. The hosting company I use threatened to shut down the entire site within two weeks of the first notice I received because the spam comments had far exceeded the data limit for the site, and since I could not afford to upgrade the site to a plan with a greater usage limit, the only option left was to delete all of the comments from the forum, as I obviously did not have the time to single-handedly sort through hundreds of thousands of spam comments to find the relatively few real ones. It is for reasons like this we are asking for your help and support in growing the organization, so that we may spread the word, improve the site, and continue to add resources and information to it on a regular basis.

For clarity purposes, I believe that the current financial system is a tool that can be utilized to help us develop the structures, organizations and technologies that are required to eliminate the need for money in many circumstances and build a more sustainable world. Aside from minimal personal expenses, money collected from this donation platform will be utilized to grow the organization, maintain the website and make future improvements, as well as research and develop methods of creating communities and cooperatives that hopefully one day will enable individuals to live together, work together, play together, and make progress together in this movement, so that we may create a better world together, as well.

Any support you may be able to give is graciously appreciated, and I hope that this website and organization, as well as the others listed on it (and any we may have not yet added) continue to grow and prosper for years to come. It is because of others that this website exists, and we readily acknowledge that in working together we will be able to accomplish far more than any of us would individually. If you are interested in helping us grow the organization and every other organization we promote, and have the capability of doing so, we humbly invite you to aid us with a one-time or recurring donation by filling out and submitting the form below. Please know that your help makes a difference.

As a final note, we are also in the beginning stages of filming a full-length documentary about the people, organizations and communities involved in this movement (more to come on this soon) and any donations will greatly help facilitate the production of this film.

With sincere thanks and respect,

Matt Holten