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In this diverse and innovative space, we facilitate a highly collaborative, open-minded conversation diving into the issues our society faces today, while being sure to bring corresponding resolution to the forefront . We’re here to address the problems whilst collaborating on visionary solutions, as our increasingly interdependent yet fractured global society struggles through intersecting crises in these unparalleled times of change. The monetary system is at the heart of our society. It touches everything in our lives, it dictates who lives and dies. We believe a bright future for humanity is one without currency. Society is collapsing before our eyes, and there has never been a more vital or exciting opportunity to both come together for the sake of forestalling the end of human life as we know it, while also recreating life on earth as we know it.

‘Moneyless’ solutions explore how the world works now and how it could work post scarcity. We are drawing from the well of human innovation and creativity to explore the emerging consensus to transition contemporary industrial society to a more advanced, efficient, ecological and all-around equitable way of life. As our aim is nothing short of revolutionary, we’ll be dipping into many wells of cutting edge technology, sustainable industrial and agricultural practices, ‘green’ economics, progressive politics, and the philosophies of experts, advocates, community members and contributors from all walks of life. 

Join us here for a continuous dialogue of horizon-expanding, cathartic disregard for archaic traditions, nonsensical legislation and everything monetary as juxtaposed to the concept of an abundant, post-scarcity reality.

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Ep #12 ‘Beyond Trade: An Economy of Sharing’ with Colin Turner of Sharebay
EP #11 ‘Reconnecting With Nature’ with Wild Quetzal
EP #10 ‘Systems Thinking For Social Change with David P. Stroh’
EP #9 ‘A Moneyless Society: 5 Steps To Save the World’
EP #8 ‘Anarchy: A Biography’, Feat. Anark
EP #7 ‘The Structure Of Destruction’
EP #6 ‘War Is A Racket’
EP #5 ‘Ecological Solutions To Economic Problems’
EP #4: ‘SYSTEMS CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE: The Most Important Conversation of Our Lives
EP #3: ‘Post Scarcity World: How Do We Get There From Here

Ep #2: Echo Park: Changing the Homeless Narrative

EP #1: Moneyless Society: The Origin Story

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