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On this listener-supported mission, we facilitate a highly collaborative, open-minded conversation diving into the most important issues our society faces today, while being sure to bring corresponding solutions to the forefront.

Though few in number and comprised of everyday people, the MoSo team is here to address society’s socioeconomic problems while collaborating on visionary solutions, as our increasingly interdependent yet fractured global society struggles through intersecting crises in these unparalleled times of change.

The monetary system is at the heart of our society. It touches everything in our lives, it dictates who lives and dies. We believe a bright future for humanity is one without currency. Society is collapsing before our eyes. There has never been a more vital or exciting opportunity to both come together for the sake of forestalling the end of human life as we know it, while also recreating life on earth as we know it.

Join us here for a continuous dialogue of horizon-expanding, cathartic disregard for archaic traditions, nonsensical legislation and everything monetary as juxtaposed to the concept of an abundant, post-scarcity reality.

***Moneyless Society Podcasts will always be free to access. With your support and collaboration, we aim to create systems and structures that will obsolete money and beat the system at its own game. More to come on this topic soon. Thank you for your contribution.***

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Zachary Marlow | Amanda Smith | Matt Holten

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How to Outsmart Economists with System Dynamics ft. Ty Keynes The Moneyless Society Podcast

“We know more about black holes now, than we know about interest rates.” That’s Ty Keynes, explaining just how incomprehensible our global financial system actually is. And as a devout practitioner of Systems Dynamics, he has more than put in the legwork to try making sense of the mess. Imagine that you were able to create a model of what will happen in our world, based on the cycles that it tends to follow – that’s more or less what systems dynamics allows us to do. But when applied to capitalist economics, the results are chaos.   They do show one thing clear as day, however: a capitalist system is guaranteed to destroy our biophysical environment at breakneck speed. And it will drag us through cycles of personal and collective misery along the way. By the end of this episode, you’ll see through Ty’s models how closely we can predict the future of our world if we stay the course we’re on currently. And you’ll understand why the most effective remedy for our situation is people making decisions together, and supporting each other on the road back to any kind of sustainable sanity.
  1. How to Outsmart Economists with System Dynamics ft. Ty Keynes
  2. Passing the Torch to the Last Generation ft. Noam Chomsky
  3. The Next Evolution of the Venus Project
  4. GAZA FRONTLINES: Ramy & Sobhe Need You to Know What is Happening
  5. GAZA FRONTLINES: Halaa and Mohammad Need Our Help to Escape GENOCIDE
  6. How to Start a Mutual Aid Network ft. Stephanie Rearick of HUMANS United in Mutual Aid
  7. Tipping the Scales of Inequality ft. Richard Wilkinson
  8. The Single Mom Building Revolutionary Mutual Aid Networks in the Deep South ft. The Appalachian Community Meal Project
  9. Breaking the Trauma of Israel and Palestine with Daniel Maté
  10. The ADVENTURE of Revolution ft. Charles McBryde

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