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On this listener-supported mission, we facilitate a highly collaborative, open-minded conversation diving into the most important issues our society faces today, while being sure to bring corresponding solutions to the forefront.

Though few in number and comprised of everyday people, the MoSo team is here to address society’s socioeconomic problems while collaborating on visionary solutions, as our increasingly interdependent yet fractured global society struggles through intersecting crises in these unparalleled times of change.

The monetary system is at the heart of our society. It touches everything in our lives, it dictates who lives and dies. We believe a bright future for humanity is one without currency. Society is collapsing before our eyes. There has never been a more vital or exciting opportunity to both come together for the sake of forestalling the end of human life as we know it, while also recreating life on earth as we know it.

Join us here for a continuous dialogue of horizon-expanding, cathartic disregard for archaic traditions, nonsensical legislation and everything monetary as juxtaposed to the concept of an abundant, post-scarcity reality.

***Moneyless Society Podcasts will always be free to access. With your support and collaboration, we aim to create systems and structures that will obsolete money and beat the system at its own game. More to come on this topic soon. Thank you for your contribution.***

Meet Your Hosts

Zachary Marlow | Amanda Smith | Matt Holten

Available Episodes

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EP 35 ‘POST-DOOM: RIP The High Priest of Collapse Michael Dowd
EP 34 ‘Postcapitalist Computing & Currency ft. Blockchain Socialist
EP 33 ‘Why Aren’t There More Black Anti-capitalists? (ft. Blackleftis)
EP 32 ‘Global Poverty is Preventable Genocide with Thomas Pogge
EP 31 ‘AI is Changing Consciousness (and Everything Else) with Simon Q (Pt 1)
EP 30 ‘The Life Economy vs. The Death Economy with Economic Hitman John Perkins
EP 29 ‘The Past and Future of THE LEFT ft. 1Dime
EP 28 ‘The ORCA POD: a Deep Dive into the Whale Uprising with Pessimistic Environmentalist
EP 27 ‘Labor Strikes BACK (Part 2) How We Organize ft The General Strike US
EP 26 ‘Labor Strikes BACK (Part 1) with Richard Wolff and The General Strike US


EP 25 ‘Labor Strikes BACK (Part 1) with Richard Wolff and The General Strike US
EP 24 ‘How Would a Moneyless Society Work? With The Kindness Rebellion
EP 23 ‘The Economy Needs to Chill Out! With Timothee Parrique
EP 22 ‘The Psychedelic Revolution with Decriminalize Nature (Part 2)
EP 21 ‘Capitalism Makes us Sick, Community is the Cure with Ayesha Khan
EP 20 ‘Healing the Planet is Free with New Climate Culture
EP 19 ‘Anarchy in the Internet Age with Anark
EP 18 ‘The Carnage of Car Culture with Matthew Lewis
EP 17 ‘Money is Unsustainable with Anitra Nelson
EP 16 ‘Movement Therapy for Movement Building with Toni Nagy
EP 15 ‘The Green Transition is Impossible in This System with Simon Michaux
EP 14 ‘Dual Power to the People with Demetrius of Black Socialists of America
EP 13 ‘Making Hierarchy Obsolete with Holocracy One
EP 12 ‘Anarchospirituality
EP 11 ‘Steps to a Resource Based Economy with RBE United
EP 10 ‘Going Beyond Capitalism with Richard Wolff
EP 9 ‘Going Upstream to the Root of Our Problems
EP 8 ‘Preppin’ for Collapse, Hopin’ for Utopia with Poor Proles Almanac
EP 6 ‘MAGNOVA: An App to Replace the Government?
EP 5 ‘WTF is Money with Steve Grumbine
EP 4 ‘Decriminalize Nature to Decolonize Your Mind
EP 3 ‘How to be a SUSTAINABLE HUMAN (Change Your STORY!)
EP 2 ‘The VIOLENCE in the SYSTEM with Prof James Gilligan
EP 1 Designing the Cities of the Future with the Auravana Project
SEASON 2 PREMIER: ‘Build the Change


BONUS EP with Kindness Rebellion–Amanda-Smith–and-Zachary-Marlow—Moneyless-Society-e1a0aie/a-a1ptlh

BONUS EP with Future Now Radio

Ep #18 ‘Human Nature’ with Professor Jeff Cates, M. A.

EP #17 ‘Automation: How Robots WILL Take Your Job (and why that’s awesome)’

Ep #16 ‘General STRIKE’ with Organizers

EP #15 “Breaking Our Attachment To Profit’

EP #14 ‘The Art of Revolution in The Covid Renaissance’ with Future Now Radio Hosts Troy Wiley and Robert Schram

EP #13/Part 2 ‘Ecology and Technology’ with Helena Norberg-Hodge

Ep #13 ‘Think Global, Act Local’, with Helena Norberg Hodge (Part 1)

Ep #12 ‘Beyond Trade: An Economy of Sharing’ with Colin Turner of Sharebay
EP #11 ‘Reconnecting With Nature’ with Wild Quetzal
EP #10 ‘Systems Thinking For Social Change with David P. Stroh’
EP #9 ‘A Moneyless Society: 5 Steps To Save the World’
EP #8 ‘Anarchy: A Biography’, Feat. Anark
EP #7 ‘The Structure Of Destruction’
EP #6 ‘War Is A Racket’
EP #5 ‘Ecological Solutions To Economic Problems’
EP #4: ‘SYSTEMS CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE: The Most Important Conversation of Our Lives
EP #3: ‘Post Scarcity World: How Do We Get There From Here

Ep #2: Echo Park: Changing the Homeless Narrative

EP #1: Moneyless Society: The Origin Story

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