Texas freeze

Everything is bigger in Texas – Including the effects of poor resource management

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The Texas Blackout of 2021 serves as a prime example, gathering every aspect of a for-profit-system’s logical fallacy and rolling it up into one comprehensive scope of where it all went wrong and why.

No News Is Bad News

No News Is Bad News

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Pretty sure 1984 has us on speed dial by now. If the Australian Facebook proposal isn’t Orwellian, it, at the very least, is a version of anti-net neutrality in action. Here [we] are carrying the torch for socioeconomic change and the literal leaders of the world who ultimately dictate social construct are now pledging to withhold news and reporting from …

Socioeconomic Change: The First Step

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The hegemonic position of Big Corp must be destabilized in order to affect any real change. Then and only then will more than a century of talking the talk finally make the walk. If you want to make a change, ironically, we must first all decide to be the same, to some degree.

America Is Terminally Ill.

America is terminally ill.

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Class stratification, which is the result of wealth and asset inequalities throughout society, results in a plethora of subsequent inequalities but perhaps none so inhumane as healthcare gouging/poaching. Sounds made up but rest assured, ‘it’s a thing’. And it’s something that’s on the rise.

The Hierarchy of Motivation

What if I told you that there's no such thing as 'laziness;?

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“Several attempts at clarifying this thesis have been made from some of society’s greatest alternative minds such as Fuller, Fresco and Peter Joseph. Here, we’re going to expound on the mechanism which manifests as ‘laziness’, fortifying the hypothesis that laziness is a byproduct of an unfulfilling socioeconomic model.”

Libertarian Socialism VS Other Socioeconomic Political Models

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Libertarian Socialism refers to a socioeconomic system that prioritizes freedom of thought and action and free will. It calls for producers to have greater control over the means of production and distribution along with increased political power. Libertarian Socialists reject state control in its entirety and hold that it’s possible to establish a society that’s based on the ideals of …

Communism VS. Resource Based Economy – A Definitive Guide & How RBE Will Arise

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One of the hottest topics when it comes to a Resource Based Economy is exactly how close is it to communism, how they differ, and whether or not they’re essentially the same thing. This has been the subject of much debate and has produced some rather heated discussions in more than a few online forums, some of which you’ve probably been witness …

More Free Education Than You Ever Thought Existed (Including Nationally-Accredited Degree Programs)

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In recent years a plethora of online education platforms have come onto the scene, seeking to revolutionize one of the oldest institutions in existence and provide free (or at least affordable) education to anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as they have simple internet access. Some of these schools are well-known, some are lingering in obscurity. Some are specialized …

A Call To All Who Want A Resource Based Economy

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The purpose of this post is to gather people together who want to implement a resource based economy, and make a plan of action as to how exactly we are going to get there. There are plenty of individuals out there who want to see a resource based economy come to fruition, but as of yet there are not many …

Deciphering Bitcoin and its Future

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Bitcoin is a computer-based, decentralized crypto-currency, meaning no single entity or organization controls it.  The basic idea for it was drafted back in 2009 by a developer going by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, who was just named person of the year by business insider. For the first couple of years it was generally only being used by computer programmers and …

Will 2014 Be The Year Of All-Out Economic Collapse?

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So here we are again, another Christmas season, another rampage of zombie-consumers, sleeping outside stores for $100 T.V.’s and the latest gadget that will most likely be obsolete by next Christmas. Everything is fine and dandy in the good ‘ol U.S.-of-A., right? Well, maybe not so great, once you dive into the details – Lets examine just a FEW of …