A Call To All Who Want A Resource Based Economy

The purpose of this post is to gather people together who want to implement a resource based economy and make a plan of action as to how exactly we are going to get there. There are plenty of individuals out there who want to see a resource based economy come to fruition, but as of yet there are not many projects that actually have a workable plan that will take us to that particular destination. The goal of the Moneyless Society site and organization is to bring as many different people and projects together, under one roof, to collaborate and come to a consensus and form multiple transitional communities. I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t profess that the solutions that we are offering are going to work for sure, but what I do know is there is strength in numbers, and what we need more than anything is to combine forces to realize the outcome that we all have in mind – a resource based economy.

There are many different projects and ideas for funding an experimental resource based economy community that will function, essentially, as a miniature moneyless society, as far as the members within the communities themselves are concerned. There is One Community Global, which is already far along the way to creating workable blueprints of several different transitional communities, which will derive a profit from tourism and other services. There is the New Earth Project, (now renamed New Earth Nation) which is doing something similar, as well. You have the Seasteading Institute building floating cities. The Venus Project is making movies about what it would be like to live in a resource based economy, The Zeitgeist Movement just finished a book about their movement, which mainly concentrates on promoting awareness of the subject. RBE 10K wants to build an initial resource based economy transitional city of 10,000 people, with the initial volunteers funding the project themselves.

One idea I have noticed for bringing people together and actually offering them incentive of some sort to work on this project, (an idea that seems to get repeated over and over, but has not yet been implemented, as far as I have seen, at least in the manner we are talking about) is the idea of an international cooperative business corporation that will offer products and services and pay its members in correlation with their efforts expended, but instead of all the profit going to an “owner” of the company, whatever is left over after re-investing in the cooperative business will go into a trust fund that will eventually fund a transitional resource based community.

This cooperative would most likely start out as a web based cooperative, much like the idea for OOWorld Cooperative, but with the intent of eventually researching, designing, building, promoting, and selling products and services that are either open-source, or contribute toward the goals of developing a resource based economy and moneyless society. This can include things like the Global Village Construction Set, house printing, automated farming systems, home biodiesel-making kits, aquaponics kits, and much more. Imagine how many products and services there are out there that can be put to use to create sustainable systems and eventually implement a resource based economy and moneyless society. The sky is the limit. We can make all kinds of products and service that will not only pay our bills while they still exist, but also help us usher in the world without money that we all so much desire.

The first step is founding the cooperative. Please help us finish the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Trust Fund for the Resource Based Cooperative so this project can take the initial first steps on its way to becoming a reality. All the decisions, projects and profits are made by consensus, so each member has a completely equal say in how this cooperative operates.

So far we are using the Mondragon cooperative based in Spain, and the One Community articles of incorporation & bylaws as a general template. Please feel free to check out their principles and see if something like this would agree with you. A decent portion of the articles of incorporation and bylaws have already been written, however they might need to be altered somewhat. It was originally designed to be based in Nevada, but we need to decide by consensus exactly where it will be, and we also need provisions written for the cooperative to be transnational, as it will include members from many different countries.

We are also looking for a program or application that can be a reliable internet-based decision making tool for voting and coming to a consensus. We would like to implement this type of program into whatever site is to be the collaborative platform for the resource based economy.

Also, please explore the many links listed on this site. There are more links and resources being added all the time, and there are many more that we simply have not had the time to add, but if you have more links or information that is related to the goal of a resource based economy, please let me know and we will do our best to get them up on this website in a timely manner.

Also, if any of you are interested in contributing to the cause, we are looking for motivated individuals that are capable of founding a cooperative business and resource based community. Anybody that is currently working on other projects and wants to partner with likeminded organizations for the implementation of a resource based economy is welcome to participate in this cooperative. Anybody that can help with blueprints and designs for an initial resource based community. Anybody that is an entrepreneur or business-minded individual and has ideas for or can help design and build products and services that a resource-based cooperative can produce and/or offer. Anybody that is interested in this cause, period, can be helpful. The more people who come on board to form a moneyless society, the better.

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