US Ecology
US Ecology

In US Ecology Should Be Top Priority

The US ecology needs to become a top priority, more so than profits. This is an issue that can’t be ignored if we want to make the world a place that is sustainable and prosperous in the long run. We must change the current system of incentives and give people and businesses new incentive proposals that will help us create a more ecologically balanced economy and environment.

The US ecology is the US’ largest and most valuable resource – it provides the people in the US with everything from food to the natural resources needed to manufacture products, create energy, and keep day-to-day life functioning. While it may seem that the US has enough resources for everyone, with the current pace of consumption and lack of reinvestment back into the US environment, this is simply not true.

Not only are humans using up far too many of our resources all at once, but other factors such as inefficient transportation and manufacturing processes, not to mention the US’ many energy and resource-based wars, are also taking a toll on the US ecology and economy. We can only extend ourselves so far until the repercussions are no longer unavoidable, and we are likely pushing ourselves further into the path of no return.

We’ve been faced with issues such as air pollution, water shortages, and deforestation for decades now, but we still aren’t doing much about it. If we continue to ignore these issues as we have been then soon we will be facing serious problems such as more frequent and intense natural disasters from global warming.

How To Heal the US Ecology

For the sake of the longevity of the human race, as well as any and all of the other species on our planet, we need to halt economic growth at all costs and focus on making sure our resource-extraction, manufacturing, transportation, and energy production methods are sustainable in the long run.

Once we can make cooperative companies make US ecology a top priority, consumers will follow the companies’ lead. As more companies start offering products that are focused on being eco-friendly and creating equity and equality, people will be naturally inclined to purchase those goods. Additionally, more people will realize that the US ecology is the most important resource that practically everyone living in the US has.

We need more politicians who are willing to stand up for the US ecology, but until those politicians appear we must start taking small steps ourselves in order to help create sustainable alternatives to the overconsumption in the capitalist systems. And that is what we aim to do, here at Moneyless Society.

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