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We all need money to live. A fact of our current society that I have an unending amount of disdain for. We have to ask money for the right to live. We are told we have ‘freedom’ with the underlying... Read More

Why Conservatives Should Abolish Prices

You deserve to live in a community, a country, and a world of responsible people. Despite that fact, our world is infested with crimes such as property damage, gang violence, and reckless wars. Cri... Read More

A Better Stimulus for A Better Society

Today, billions of people work hard for disappointing pay at the command of bosses and markets, so many yearn for change. After thousands of years of monarchy/feudalism and hundreds of years of cap... Read More

The Many Benefits of Society Going Moneyless

When money is exchanged for a good or service, surplus value is generated between the exchange value in the sale and the labor value spent in the creation of that product. This is what happens when... Read More

Hourly Work Doesn’t Make Sense

But we can take back our time Read More

The Pains of a Moneyed Society

War. Theft. Inflation. Bankruptcy. Unemployment. Poverty. Unjustified punishment. Corruption. Fraud. Shortage. Famine. Taxes. Death. Extinction. You are likely concerned about some, if not all, of ... Read More

Beyond Capitalism: Cashless vs. Resource-Based  —  Exploring the Future of Our Economy

Since the 2008 financial crisis, there has been growing interest in the concept of a resource-based economy (RBE) as a viable alternative to traditional capitalist systems. This economic model is b... Read More

When Falling Apart is Part of the Plan

Everything is changing right now. You and I are about to enter into a world that no one has ever seen before. We will look different, feel different and act different. Our cities will work differen... Read More

How Money is Make-Believe

As of today — March 17, 2023 — the Powerball lottery jackpot is estimated to be worth $78 million. Imagine you hit that jackpot today, congrats! And then you hit it again tomorrow for the same amou... Read More

No one wants to believe what they’ve been taught their whole life is a lie.

The below in quotations is an excerpt from upcoming debut novel, the Enlightenment saga Book 1, by Author Kimberly A. Irwin, (unpublished, all rights reserved). Read More