America Is Terminally Ill.

America is terminally ill.

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Class stratification, which is the result of wealth and asset inequalities throughout society, results in a plethora of subsequent inequalities but perhaps none so inhumane as healthcare gouging/poaching. Sounds made up but rest assured, ‘it’s a thing’. And it’s something that’s on the rise.

The Hierarchy of Motivation

What if I told you that there's no such thing as 'laziness;?

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“Several attempts at clarifying this thesis have been made from some of society’s greatest alternative minds such as Fuller, Fresco and Peter Joseph. Here, we’re going to expound on the mechanism which manifests as ‘laziness’, fortifying the hypothesis that laziness is a byproduct of an unfulfilling socioeconomic model.”

The Venus Project – A Future Worth Building

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A Small Research Center In Florida Has Blueprints For A Bright Future The Ideals of The Venus Project Based in Venus, Florida, The Venus Project is a nonprofit organization that advocates a new socio-economic model backed by science and technology for social reformation with the goal of attaining a sustainable civilization of abundance for everyone, without exception. The nonprofit organization …

Co-ops Making A Difference

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Often times people note that multinational corporations have little regard for individuals, workers, the environment, and the common good of everyone and everything on the planet in general except for themselves and their shareholders. However, there are some companies coming about that are putting greater value in providing workers with more incentive to give more to the company and their …

The Green Haven Project

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Green Haven (“GH”) is a non-profit, charitable organization, founded by Mr. Ravinraj Gopinath & supported by the Leela Vasu Foundation. GH was set up to fight challenges faced in poverty using means of living of-the-grid & self-sufficient systems. By means of building self-sufficient communities for those in poverty-stricken countries, GH is able to house as many as 1,000 people & …

Introducing Project Kadagaya

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Hello friends! We are a community called “Kadagaya” that is implementing and evaluating the concepts (and particularly enabling technologies) of a resource-based economy. Our mission is to evaluate and develop the immediate implementation of a resource-based economy within the current economic and social system. Our first pilot project is based in a tropical region of Junin, Peru, where we are constructing …