About Moneyless Society

Here at Moneyless Society, it is our mission to facilitate a space that functions as a post-scarcity informational resource hub, providing utility for individuals to come together in the name of implementing a moneyless society and resource based economy.

In doing so, people from all walks of life will find haven to bridge differences, circulate ideas, unite for change and ultimately form fully functioning, sustainable communities that will host housing, products and services. To eliminate the need for money is to initiate abundance of what is needed to not only survive, but to thrive.

In an effort to network and organize information, individuals, resources, news and happenings regarding any and all activity within the nature of a resource based economy/moneyless society, you are invited to participate in this world changing movement.

For more information on what is a Moneyless Society and how it can work, click here.


Thank you for being here. Together we can get there.

-Moneyless Society

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