About Moneyless Society

Here at Moneyless Society, it is our mission to provide a website that functions as an informational resource hub and a tool for individuals to come together and implement the beginning stages of a moneyless society and resource based economy. Through the resources, discussions, and tools found within this site, we aim to bridge differences, circulate ideas, unite change-makers and ultimately form communities as well as equal-ownership cooperatives that will function to provide sustainable housing, products and services, and eventually eliminate the need for money in most circumstances by providing an abundance of what is needed to not only survive, but to thrive.

The functions of this site are multi-purpose with a single common goal: the creation of an experimental community or communities that will serve as research centers and act as catalysts for transition to a resource-based economy. It is the goal of Moneyless Society to organize information, individuals, resources, news and happenings regarding any and all activity within the nature of a resource based economy and moneyless society, and to network with people from all walks of life to form a plan to bring us to a world without money. Thank you for all of your contributions, and we look forward to working with you.

Moneyless Society