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The Monetary System is Unsustainable.

We are Creating a Better Alternative.

What We Do

We produce content and media that questions the status quo, and invite open discussion about creating systems and structures that could obsolete the monetary system.

We also collect resources, develop networks, and make plans to build a better future.


Find like-minded individuals and join conversations about related subjects.

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Build digital and physical projects to create a world in synergy with our planet and each other.


What is a Moneyless Society?

Moneyless means no currency, trade, barter, or exchange is necessary for survival and access to necessities.

We aim to create a new and unparalleled economic system that provides for everyone, where people contribute voluntarily, when and where they choose.

We call this "systemic reciprocity" as opposed to our current system of "transactional reciprocity."

Creating these systemically reciprocal systems is integral to the creation of a functional moneyless society.


Latest Articles

How to Slow Down on Purpose -- Moneyless Society
The hours of your life are your most valuable possession. Money will come and it will go. Clothes and cars and homes will bring great enjoyment, until they fade and are replaced. But the minutes you spend doing what you feel is important, or meaningful, can never be un-spent or lost. And it is possible to spend more time in each of those moments. If you can take your foot off of the accelerator, and try not to rush to every next destination just to cross it off the ever-expanding list, your days and weeks and months and years won’t blur together behind you. Read More
Before we dig into the five key things that make capitalism unsustainable, a little about who we are: Moneyless Society is a non-profit devoted to building community and cultivating a more equitable and prosperous economy and society for all in the future. We believe in taking concrete actionable steps in our communities today, and not resting solely on philosophy and good intentions. Read More
The food comes from the land and from the farmworkers who put in the labor of cultivating the land to grow our fruits and vegetables and tend to the animals. Farmworkers do back breaking labor for minimal pay to bridge the gap between the land and our table. Seventy Three percent of farmworkers are immigrants, many of them illegal. Many live in fear of being hunted down by ICE while doing the very important job of feeding us. Read More