COBID – Capitalist Overconsumption Backlash Involving Depopulation

Cobid has taken center stage the last few years as it has infected every region of the world, taken the lives of millions of people, and ravaged the global economy. The stark reality behind the cobid nightmare is the fact that we as a species are intruding too far into nature’s territory, and nature isn’t very happy about it.

When we, as humans, chop down too many trees, destroy the habitats of countless species, or displace wild animals in any given ecosystem, we are potentially exposing ourselves to viruses and pathogens that would have otherwise been contained within the animals of that ecosystem. Then we, in turn, do not take the time or energy to ensure that we are replenishing what we have taken from the earth. Eventually, this depletes our resources and leaves us in quite a predicament. This is what we call overconsumption.

In addition to cobid, climate change and the accelerated rate at which it’s occurring are rapidly pushing our planet into a scenario whereby climate change becomes unmanageable and the world as we know it may not recover.

COBID and Climate Change – Both Bad Signs

COBID — Capitalist Overconsumption Backlash Involving Depopulation — and climate change are two topics that are highly interrelated because cobid and climate change are effects of capitalist overconsumption on one hand, and simultaneously these externalities are the cause of many of our current economic troubles, on the other.

Free market economics has allowed human beings to become increasingly aggressive, exploitive, opportunistic, and apathetic toward both people and our environment in our methods of trying to acquire more money, goods, services, etc. This pattern has caused humans around the globe to consume much more than what can be sustained by earth’s limited resources.

The overconsumption phenomenon is particularly harmful because it encourages people to use resources day and night without ever taking the time to reinvest in natural resources, the soil, our environment — all those things that we actually, REALLY DO NEED in order to keep our civilization going. This will become increasingly and abundantly clear as the years continue to bring increasing devastation due to climate change and cobid — capitalist overconsumption backlash involving depopulation.

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