Agriculture & Food Production


We are an award-winning vertical farming company passionately solving agriculture’s biggest challenges, growing real food for elevated flavor and a brighter future for all.

Aquapini/Walipini Hub

As part of One Community’s four-phase strategy and global change methodology, our Phase II food infrastructure is an open source project-launch blueprinting of 6 structures that will represent 3 different aquapini and walipini designs. These 6 structures will be a part of our botanical garden model and will produce a diversity of delicious and nutritious food far beyond anything found in a typical grocery store.

Cybernated Farm Systems

Cybernated Farm Systems is a design and consulting firm that is dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture solutions around the world.

Farm Bot

Grow food for yourself, your family, and your community by installing FarmBot on a raised bed, urban rooftop, or in a small greenhouse at home. Fully automated, hyper-local food production has never been so attainable.

Green Gro Tech

Eco-friendly solutions for the hemp and cannabis industry.

Nelson and Pade Aquaponics

Nelson and Pade, Inc.® provides aquaponic systems, training and support to individuals, entrepreneurs, governments and schools who want food security, food quality and a positive return on their investment.

Over Grow The System

Over Grow The System has been dedicated to raising awareness around our food system, sustainability, and how to live a life that is more in tune with nature.

Rural Resources

  • Our community’s rural strengths, assets, and resources
  • Locally grown, nutritious food for local consumption
  • Preserving farmland and natural resources
  • Biologically sustainable agriculture practices
  • Open, honest, and transparent practices
  • Equal access to local food and agriculture opportunity
  • Agriculture education for all ages and backgrounds
  • Supporting local farmers
  • Preserving folk and farm heritage
  • Building a diverse and inclusive community around food
  • Providing a safe place and space for all to be who they are
  • Dignity and respect for yourself, others, the land, and farmers
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