The QEG Free Energy Generator! …Does It REALLY Work?

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So the buzz on the street lately is there’s a new “Free Energy” device in town, the QEG Free Energy Generator (Quantum Energy Generator), and like many before it, it’s brewing up a lot of discussion. Obviously, in the realm of a resource based economy and moneyless society, a free energy device is like the holy grail of the technology that could get us to adopt a more humane, sustainable way of life. This would undoubtedly be the single, most momentous leap forward in our understanding of science since the discovery of electricity. However, like many devices before it, as well, there are a host of people who say that it can’t happen, it defies the laws of physics, it’s a hoax, and so on and so forth. If you listen to and believe the first law of thermodynamics, you know for certain that energy cannot be created or destroyed, and is only transferred from one form to another. But, there are also a whole slew of people out there who say that Tesla had it all figured out, mainstream science is wrong, and free energy, can, and does exist. So who are we to believe?

Well, let’s take a look at what’s been going on with the most recent development in all this.

A Brief History Of The QEG Free Energy Generator

It all started with a very, very long blog post, written back in August of 2012, titled “WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP. The Story of the 2012 Revolution” by a woman who goes by the pen name “Hope Girl”. In this quite long post she talks about crop circles, economic collapse, financial elitism, and more. The post went viral and after a relatively large amount of people had been reached, she composed her next post, THIS IS HOW WE FIX THE WORLD, which called for ideas to be submitted for general and specific solutions to the problems we are currently facing. Eventually, after the submissions were collected and organized, a nearly 600-page document was released titled “How To Fix The World“, comprising contributions from almost 300 anonymous individuals. Somewhere along the lines, the QEG Free Energy Generator was introduced, and now we are at the point where we have arrived today.

And Now For The Present… Hopefully It’s Also A Gift To The World That Will Change It Forever.

Just a few days ago a few individuals in Morocco claimed they had built the QEG Free Energy Generator and achieved “resonance” (I’m taking a wild guess that “resonance” is the point that the machine actually powers itself and can also give off excess power. As far as I know, “resonance” would mean that the machine is resonating with and drawing from the energy that exists in the field around it.). But, in any case, a short video was posted with a bunch of people crammed in a little room, watching a man turn on a machine that subsequently powered a some light bulbs a few seconds later. The whole group breaks out in applause, hooting and hollering, dancing, celebrating, and of course, videotaping it all for the world to see.

QEG – Quantum Energy Generator – Resonance In Morocco!

Watch the video.

And apparently, they have also achieved the same effect in Taiwan:

QEG Resonance Taiwan

Watch the video.

The Skeptics:

While I definitely like to see people celebrate, a machine powering a few light bulbs proceeded by ample festivity really doesn’t say anything. There are people calling for the actual data that says these things are producing more power than they are taking in. There are also other skeptics who dislike the fact that they are asking for money, via crowdfunding, to develop and manufacture the QEG generator, which could potentially not even work. And, of course, there are others, well versed in the subject of over-unity devices, that say it’s a hoax and claim to debunk it, basically stating that while it may output 10 kwh while receiving an input of 1 kwh, it will only give the 10kwh output for 1/10th of the time at best, resulting in an equal net energy output, as opposed to over-unity. So far I haven’t seen anything that disproves this. I’m not saying I think it’s bogus. I would like to see the QEG actually work just as much as anybody. But as of yet, I haven’t seen any definitive proof that it does.

But Hope Girl Is Walking The Walk

Throughout this, Hope Girl continues to travel and educate people about the QEG Free Energy Generator. The Fix The World website continues to promote the development and distribution of the device. In fact, they even recently produced, free-for download, open source blueprints that anybody can use to build one of their own, which I think will be quite instrumental in proving whether or not it actually works.

Not only that, but you would think that if it didn’t actually work, and Hope Girl knew it, she wouldn’t be traveling the world and speaking at numerous places. Recently, she spoke at the New Humanity Movement’s Alchemy Event Masterpiece, with company like Sacha Stone from New Earth Nation, and Michael Tellinger from the Ubuntu Party in South Africa, both individuals who are very well-known for their humanitarian efforts. Apparently her speech was cut short and she didn’t get to say everything she wanted to, although, she did get to do a presentation at the “Rising Earth Event” just a day or two later, in which she talked extensively about the QEG Free Energy Generator. Fortunately, it was recorded, and you can see it right here:

QEG Rising Earth Presentation


I seriously doubt that she would be on the forefront of these types of movements, doing these types of presentations, working next to these types of people, if she knew without a doubt that the QEG generator didn’t work. I just don’t get the feeling that she is that type of person. In addition, they welcome discussion about the device on websites such as, and others. Not to mention they had roughly 70 people in Morocco to witness the testing of the device, including scientists and engineers, when the machine supposedly achieved resonance. And from what she says, they are not really interested in the money, either. They just want to build it, test it, re-test it, make sure it works, and give it to the world. As quoted from her facebook page just yesterday

…we are not interested in the $100,000 reward from Greer. We are moving in a different direction. One of co-creating and co-developing and helping each other to get free energy out to the people. We’ve had 70 people here from 24 countries in Aouchtam Morocco. Some of which represent some of the best engineers and free energy people in the world. All of us have been working together towards a common goal. Many updates to come as soon as we are finished. Will be here in Morocco for at least another two weeks at this point. We are measuring and testing and working hard on getting all the information together. Including taking lots of instructional videos and documentation that will all be offered freely on the web to help others learn and grow from what we’ve been discovering as we are all co-developing.

With openness like this, I don’t really see how they could be trying to scam anyone. I can definitely understand them wanting to keep this device in a safely guarded position until it is ready to be released to the world. God knows that we can all recall at least a few horror stories of devices like this being confiscated by government or corporations with less-than-altruistic agendas. But they are also taking the approach of making it open-source, and completely visible to the world, now, which dispels many of the arguments that they were only trying to make some money with it. Some might say they are not taking the $100,000 from Greer because the thing doesn’t actually work… but then again, I guess time will tell, now won’t it?

So What’s It All Mean?

Well… I see only three possibilities:

Possibility # 1:

The QEG Free Energy Generator doesn’t work at all. It’s a total scam, Hope Girl knows it, maybe along with several others, and even though they say they aren’t doing it for the money, somehow they are, and they just get as much out of everyone as they can, and then disappear into the night… or into a jail cell. This I don’t find likely, though. With the public speaking and rubbing elbows with some of the most influential people alive that are catapulting us down the path to a better world, I think this would be a far cry from her actual motives. Not to mention I believe if they were in it for the money there are already several things they would have done differently, by now… one being taking the money from the crowdfunding campaign and not doing anything with it except lining their own pockets, instead of going to Morocco and gathering engineers and scientists to actually build a working device to help power a troubled community, like they have done.

Possibility # 2:

They are genuine in their intentions and efforts, but, still, the QEG generator doesn’t actually work. I see this as much more of a realistic possibility. While they do supposedly have quite a few engineers and scientists with them in Morocco at the moment, nothing has been released to the public that actually verifies that this thing is for real. Furthermore, it hasn’t been duplicated and verified by many other people, yet, either.

And of course, possibility # 3:

The QEG WORKS and generates free energy! Which I don’t think is totally out of the question. I’m a firm believer in possibilities, and it’s very difficult to prove that something doesn’t exist, especially something along the lines of free energy. At this point, though, there’s no proof. We have to see the proof. If the QEG generator does actually work, though, most of the efforts to distribute it to the world have already been done, via the open source document they have shared. So, in reality, all that’s really needed at this point is to sit back and wait for the results to come in. And I guarantee you, if they have a few engineers who actually know what they are talking about provide measurements that say the QEG free energy generator actually works, we are going to have an onslaught of people duplicating and replicating this thing until every man, woman, and child knows what a QEG Free Quantum Energy Generator is, and has one outside of their home, powering it. And that would truly be an amazing thing. I really do hope (pun intended) and pray that Hope Girl has found that this thing actually does work, because it’s been a dream of mine for many years to actually see a real, working, free-energy device. I mean, heck… who doesn’t dream of that sort of thing? We’re talking world changing stuff, here. This would put us on the fast-track to a resource based economy and moneyless society.

If I were an electrical engineer with a bit of money to spend I don’t think I would hesitate to build a QEG generator and try it out. To me, the possible gains would far outweigh the risk of any losses from the time, effort, and money that would be involved. Plus, even if the QEG didn’t work, you could educate others on exactly why and how it doesn’t and save people a lot of heartache in the long-run. I encourage anybody out there with a little extra dough to throw around to build and test a QEG generator out and tell us what you find. Test, discuss, test, build, develop, test, discuss, try, try again… Maybe one day we can have free energy for all. We will see.

Cheers to Hope Girl and the Fix The World team for all their efforts. We at Moneyless Society are rooting for you and behind you 110%!

What do you think? Is it real?

EDIT: While several of the links herein have since been rendered obsolete in the years leading up to the present (2021), this project and Hope Girl are still very active! You can get up to date by visiting the QEG Australia Website.

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