Seed Bomb Stress Pillows

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Introducing the Moneyless Society, Seed Bomb Stress Pillows! Squeeze when stressed about the state of the world, plant the assorted wildflower seeds within when ready to take action!



Feeling stressed from the weight of impending societal and ecological collapse? So are we…which is why we’re introducing the Moneyless Society, Seed Bomb Stress Pillows

Not just any ordinary merch, our burlap stress pillows contain soil and assorted wildflower seeds! Why? Well you see, the idea is for our supporters to squeeze these pillows when stressed, and plant the seeds when ready to take action – symbolic of planting the seeds of change. Get your hands dirty (literally AND figuratively) in taking this small step closer to changing the world for the better, and save the bees while you’re at it! 

All proceeds from the sale of Seed Bomb Stress Pillows are used to cover base production costs and support Moneyless Society project teams 🙂


Includes: potting soil, burlap pouch with graphic design and rope-tie, informational paper tag, 6-10 assorted wildflower seeds.


  1. While the assorted wildflower seeds included in the stress pillows can be planted most anywhere across North America, please abstain from planting wildflowers in sensitive ecosystems where region-specific flora may be at risk. However, it is highly encouraged to plant the seeds in urban areas!
  2. Fine soil particles may find their way through the stitching of the burlap pillows. Take this as a sign to plant your stress pillow’s seeds and take just one more step towards building a better world!


These products are brought to you by Nathan Jones of the Kindness Rebellion Podcast, Michael Plischke of Communiivate and through the support of many others! Take the next step in supporting our work, and the work of other Moneyless Society affiliates, at the source 🙂

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Squeeze When Stressed Plant When Ready to Build a Moneyless Society, Pollinator Care Package, We Are Stronger Together! Take Action from the Roots

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