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The Auravana Project

The Auravana project is composed of open source working groups that develop and publish the societal standard for a global community-type society. 

Community Planet

Community Planet is a unique project whose purpose is to create just such a world through a living example of a sustainable Community which is governed by consensus and holds an intention of aligning with the highest good of all ..


Copiosis creates safe, secure, peaceful, and prosperous communities. It encourages everyone to pursue his or her dreams and talents, whatever they may be, while being kind and respectful to neighbors next door or around the world.

Earth Charter Initiative

The Earth Charter is a universal expression of ethical principles to foster sustainable development.

Earth Organisation For Sustainability

The Earth Organisation for Sustainability is founded around a mission – to provide research to further a design for an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable future.

Ingenuity Innovation Center

Aquaponics Done Right

Institute For A Resource Based Economy

The Institute for a Resource-Based Economy works at the intersection of economics and the environment by challenging people’s perceptions of ownership and our relationship to the Earth’s resources.

Money Free Party

The end of debt slavery is in sight.

Moneyless World

Humanity’s Only Future

New Earth Project

Learn, heal, evolve

One Community Global

One Community is a 100% volunteer non-profit and non-governmental organization. We are creating open source resources and solutions for all aspects of sustainable living. This page will help you learn how and why.


Since 2005, the P2P Foundation has been researching, cataloging and advocating for the potential of P2P and Commons-based approaches to societal and consciousness change.


For a world without work or money.

People & Planet

People & Planet is the largest student network in the UK campaigning for social and environmental justice. We envision a future in which spiraling inequality, instability, climate crisis and resource depletion are reversed, and a world in which the balance of power in society has fundamentally shifted to an equal world that benefits all of us.

Regen Villages

Technology integrated VillageOS™ software, for the future of living in resilient neighborhoods

Seasteading Institute

Seasteading is building floating societies with significant political autonomy. Nearly half the world’s surface is unclaimed by any nation-state, and many coastal nations can legislate seasteads in their territorial waters.

Story of Stuff

We have a problem with Stuff: we have too much of it, too much of it is toxic, and we don’t share it very well. But that’s not the way things have to be.

Sustainable Human

We believe there is a common root to the major problems that afflict society. Climate change, inequality, addiction, racism, extinction – we believe all of these issues stem from the same root source – a faulty story about ourselves and the world.

Technocracy Inc.

Technocracy’s intention is to show a design–a plan that has been available for decades to control our technology instead of technology controlling us.   By clinging to an outdated economic structure that often directs technology’s uses strictly for profit we are missing the full value of technology for the betterment of society and the environment.


We serve social change makers and provide them with support, space and resources they need to succeed in the work they do through an Action Plan, personal development, training, and an online and offline mutual aid network.

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Thrive Movement

What On Earth Will It Take

Transition Network

A movement of communities coming together to remained and rebuild our world.


TROM is a project that aims to showcase in detail the root cause of most of today’s problems and proposes realistic solutions to solve those problems. But it is also about

challenging people’s values, explaining in simple language how the world works, and providing free and good quality educational materials/tools for everyone.

UBUNTU Liberation Movement

The people behind the UBUNTU Contribution System are not politicians or corporations with profit or control in mind. We are a growing group of HUMANS from all walks of life who consist of mothers, fathers, scientists, teachers, doctors, inventors, housewives, and many other ordinary people who care about other humans. We have taken these steps to share our knowledge with everyone in the belief that it will help us move towards unity and abundance for all.

 The Valhalla Movement

Valhalla is a growing tribe of storytellers out to proliferate freedom culture by igniting a global passion for sustainability, self-reliance, and collaborative action.

The Venus Project

The Venus Project is a non-profit organization that presents a new socio-economic model utilizing science and technology toward social betterment to achieve a sustainable civilization of abundance for all, without exception.

The Zeigeist Movement

A global grassroots sustainability movement seeking holistic change for better wellbeing for everyone.

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