America Is Terminally Ill.

America is terminally ill.

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Class stratification, which is the result of wealth and asset inequalities throughout society, results in a plethora of subsequent inequalities but perhaps none so inhumane as healthcare gouging/poaching. Sounds made up but rest assured, ‘it’s a thing’. And it’s something that’s on the rise.

The Hierarchy of Motivation

What if I told you that there's no such thing as 'laziness;?

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“Several attempts at clarifying this thesis have been made from some of society’s greatest alternative minds such as Fuller, Fresco and Peter Joseph. Here, we’re going to expound on the mechanism which manifests as ‘laziness’, fortifying the hypothesis that laziness is a byproduct of an unfulfilling socioeconomic model.”

Half the Economy Could Close Forever and The Only Problem Would Be Money

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We’re seeing something unprecedented right now. Because of the coronavirus, over half of the economy has willfully and deliberately shut down, yet something peculiar is happening — almost everyone is still fine. I say almost because obviously that doesn’t include the victims of Covid-19 and those that have been affected directly by the disease itself or the workers on the …